How Much Do Double Hung Replacement Windows Cost?

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The national average cost of double-hung replacement windows ranges between $300 to $557  per window. Use this guide to calculate your price.

Suppliers offer a wide variety of replacement window options to suit your needs. The Double Hung series is one such option, with each customized and sized for the home’s dimensions using energy-efficient glass materials that keep out harmful UV rays while still allowing light into every room.

Calculate the Cost of Double Hung Windows

Double Hung Window Material Average Cost
Double Hung Vinyl Windows $289-$660
Double Hung Wood Windows $375-$802
Double Hung Fiberglass Windows $419-$950

Double-hung vinyl windows are beautiful, durable, and offer maximum ventilation. They’re also easy to clean with their custom-tuned balance system that ensures smooth operation for the life of your window! Our low-profile double cam locks join together both sashes in order to give you an exceptionally tight seal while providing outstanding security against intruders or break-ins.

Double Hung Windows are Affordable

For as little as $300, double-hung vinyl windows are the best choice for anyone looking to increase ventilation, save energy and keep their home clean. The dual-opening feature allows you to open up both ends at once making them super easy.

double hung windows

Double-hung windows are one of the most popular types in America. With two operating sashes that move up and down, they provide ventilation on top or bottom areas as well! This makes them more expensive than single-hung frames but it’s worth it for this extra feature alone.

Double Hung Windows Return on Investment

With a double-hung window, you can feel confident in the knowledge that your home will stay cool and comfortable year-round thanks to premium energy efficiency features including thick glass for maximized visibility during hot summer days. These windows are very effective at reducing energy cost to deliver a great return on your investment.

Slider Windows

Double-hung windows are a common fixture in homes and come with an extensive range of sizes for you to choose from. They’re often found inside bedrooms or kitchens as well – not just around entryways! The dimension can vary depending on what type it is: 24 inches wide by 36 high (although there are also longer versions that measure up at 48″).

What’s the Average Cost of Double Hung Replacement Windows?

Double Hung Replacement Window Cost
National Average Cost $599
Low-End Cost $280
High-End Cost $1,500
Price Range $390 to $995

Benefits of Double Hung Windows

The best brands for Double Hung Windows are often known for their high-quality products and the company’s triple weather seal provides superior air infiltration ratings. Plus, these windows have an industry-leading design pressure (DP) rating that can withstand strong winds while maintaining visibility from inside your home or business. Benefit include:

  • Durable
  • Sashes can be tilted
  • Energy Efficient
  • Secure

Double-hung windows come in many different materials, from vinyl to fiberglass. Fiberglass is the most expensive but offers great insulation qualities while being able to withstand extreme temperatures without warping or cracking over time like other options can do so it’s worth thinking about which one will work best for your needs!