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Calculate Pricing Based Amount on Replacement Windows Purchased

This guide by is designed to help you calculate the cost of replacing your home windows according to the number of windows you need.

Keep in mind there are a wide array of factors that will determine your actual price. Those include, but are not limited to window frame material, glass types, and window type.

National Average Cost of Replacing Windows

1 Replacement Window: $150 – $700 Per window

5 Replacement Windows: $750 – $3,200

10 Replacement Windows: $1300 – $5100

20 Replacement Windows: $2500 – $9,900

25 Replacement Windows: $3200 – $12,500

Calculate Replacement Window Cost By Frame Type

Calculate the cost of placing your windows according to the type of frame you will require. Here is a list of the most popular frame types.

How Much Do Aluminum Windows Cost by Volume?

Lightweight, strong and durable aluminum windows are perfect for your home. The materials used in their manufacturing process make them able to be tailored easily into any shape or size of the frame without compromising quality; factory-baked enamel surfaces that come in various colors provide an added benefit because it means no need to ever paint again.

Average Cost to Replace Aluminum Windows

1 Aluminum Replacement Window: $159 Per window

5 Aluminum Replacement Windows: $780

10 Aluminum Replacement Windows: $1450

20 Aluminum Replacement Windows: $2,750

25 Aluminum  Replacement Windows: $3500

How Much Do Vinyl Windows Cost by Volume?

Vinyl Windows are great for saving energy and they last longer than wood. They also look good, but vinyl doesn’t have the same durability as a wooden frame- so make sure it’s high quality!

Average Cost to Replace Vinyl WindowsWindow Estimates

1 Vinyl Replacement Window: $412 Per window

5 Vinyl Replacement Windows: $2,050

10 Vinyl Replacement Windows: $4,100

20 Vinyl Replacement Windows: $7,995

25 Vinyl Replacement Windows: $10,040

How Much Do Wood Windows Cost?

The laminating process of wood makes it strong and durable. The different layers in these frames provide an interesting visual effect, making them perfect for your home’s design goals!

Average Cost to Replace Wood Windows

1 Wood Replacement Window: $595 Per window

5 Wood Replacement Windows: $2,900

10 Wood Replacement Windows: $5,800

20 Wood Replacement Windows: $11,300

25 Wood Replacement Windows: $14,220

How Much Do Wood Fiberglass Windows Cost by Volume?

Fiberglass has been proven to be 8 times stronger than vinyl and 3 times as strong that of wood. Unlike its competitors, fiberglassing doesn’t expand or contract which allows it stay put in place allowing for a much smoother operation every time!

Average Cost to Replace Fiberglass Windows

1 Wood Replacement Window: $800 Per window

5 Wood Replacement Windows: $3,800

10 Wood Replacement Windows: $7,100

20 Wood Replacement Windows: $11,506

25 Wood Replacement Windows: $14,000

How Much Do Wood Composite Cost by Volume?

With the best of both worlds, composite windows offer a convenient and cost-effective alternative to traditional glass. The sleek aluminum cladding cannot be matched by other materials like timber or steel; however, it still provides the durability you can depend on in any environment!

Average Cost to Replace Composite Windows

1 Composite Replacement Window: $400 Per window

5 Composite Replacement Windows: $2,000

10 Composite Replacement Windows: $3,810

20 Composite Replacement Windows: $7,300

25 Composite Replacement Windows: $9,030

Calculate the Cost of Replacement Windows by Type

How Much Do Single Hung Windows Cost by Volume?

The single-sash window is a type of door that can be opened and closed with one hand. The bottom part slides up or down, while the top section remains stagnant in place to prevent dirt from getting inside your home’s ventilation system when not being used as an air conditioner during hot weather months.

Average Cost to Replace Single Hung Windows

1 Single Hung Replacement Window: $250 Per window

5 Single Hung Replacement Windows: $1,150

10 Single Hung Replacement Windows: $2,300

20 Single Hung Replacement Windows: $4,110

25 Single Hung Replacement Windows: $5,021

How Much Do Double Hung Windows Cost by Volume?

Windows are an essential part of any home, not just because they let light in but also provide ventilation. Double-Hung Windows have two sliders that open up to allow airflow through them when you need extra oxygen at your fingertips!

Average Cost to Replace Double Hung WindowsWindow Quotes

1 Double Hung Replacement Window: $525 Per window

5 Double Hung Replacement Windows: $2,140

10 Double Hung Replacement Windows: $3,950

20 Double Hung Replacement Windows: $7,609

25 Double Hung Replacement Windows: $9,550

How Much Do Arched Windows Cost by Volume?

Windows give the shape of a room. Straight-line corners contrast with curved ones to create interesting patterns that can be seen from every angle in an arch-shaped window, as well as provide extra privacy for those sitting at desks or tables next door.

Average Cost to Replace Arched Windows

1 Arched Replacement Window: $350 Per window

5 Arched Hung Replacement Windows: $1,600

10 Arched Hung Replacement Windows: $3,107

20 Arched Hung Replacement Windows: $6,000

25 Arched Hung Replacement Windows: $7,505

How Much Do Awning Windows Cost by Volume?

Awning windows provide an extra layer of security and ventilation. They’re best for places that need both, like libraries or hospitals where it might get stuffy inside without opening some windows. There are three materials you can choose from: wood boards; fiberglass panes with clear plastic frames (the type we used in our last project); or vinyl-tinted screens printed on-site at some local businesses such as Home Depot who will cut them specifically to size before applying your chosen finish!

Average Cost to Replace Awning Windows

1 Awning Replacement Window: $506 Per window

5 Awning Replacement Windows: $2,400

10 Awning Replacement Windows: $4,659

20 Awning Replacement Windows: $9,004

25 Awning Replacement Windows: $11,305

How Much Do Bay Windows Cost by Volume?

Bay windows are a classic example of an architectural detail that’s more than just pretty. They’re designed to let in plenty of natural light and provide increased visibility, which makes them perfect for large rooms like living spaces or dining areas where you want your home’s interior design statement on display from every angle.

Average Cost to Replace Bay Windows

1 Bay Replacement Window: $2,000 Per window

2 Bay Replacement Windows: $3,700

3 Bay Replacement Windows: $4,900

How Much Do Bow Windows Cost by Volume?

You cannot have a nice garden or room without windows. The bow window is one of the most common types because it provides both space for outside viewing while still looking inside, unlike other more traditional designs which are usually just an open area with no view at all on three sides. You may want to consider this type if you’re stuck between selecting something different from what’s already there–or maybe adding to your home.

Average Cost to Replace Bow Windows

1 Bow Replacement Window: $2,200 Per window

2 Bow Windows: $3,900

3 Bow Windows: $5,200

How Much Does Casement Windows Cost by Volume?

A casement window is the earliest form of a movable sash. It was usually made with either wood or metal framing, and opened outwards when in use by hinges at each end which could be latched closed for security purposes if needed.

Average Cost to Replace Casement Windows

1 Casement Replacement Window: $450 Per window

5 Casement Replacement Windows: $2,000

10 Casement Replacement Windows: $3,700

20 Casement Replacement Windows: $7,200

25 Casement Replacement Windows: $8,975

Calculate Replacement Windows Cost By Brand

*Obviously the cost to replace windows is determined by multiple factors. Each of the brands below has different materials and different offers. These are estimations only. For accurate quotes we suggest do use our tour to get connected with local replacement window companies near you.

How Much Do Pella Windows Cost by Volume?

Pella Corporation is an innovative window and door manufacturing company that has been in the industry for over 100 years. With operations across America, it’s no surprise they’re able to provide high-quality products at competitive prices while providing outstanding craftsmanship with every project!

*Average Cost to Replace Pella Windows

1 Pella Replacement Window: $270 Per window

5 Pella Replacement Windows: $1,033

10 Pella Replacement Windows: $2,100

20 Pella Replacement Windows: $4,000

25 Pella Replacement Windows: $4,999

How Much Do Simonton Windows Cost by Volume?

With Simonton, you can create the perfect custom replacement windows for your home. With a variety of sizes, styles, and colors it is easy to find one that matches what’s in style or pops with color! The ENERGY STAR® certified products are made from high-quality materials which make them not only durable but also efficient during energy efficiency hour needs.

Simonton offers an extensive lineup when replacing residential window treatments.

*Average Cost to Replace Simonton Windows

1 Simonton Replacement Window: $380 Per window

5 Simonton Replacement Windows: $1,800

10 Simonton Replacement Windows: $3,503

20 Simonton Replacement Windows: $6,896

25 Simonton Replacement Windows: $8,600

How Much Do Andersen Windows Cost by Volume?

Andersen Corporation has been a leading window and door manufacturing enterprise for over 100 years. Employing approximately 10,000 people at more than thirty facilities worldwide with logistics centers in Bayport Minnesota as well as company-owned retail locations throughout the United States of America!

*Average Cost to Replace Andersen WindowsFree Window Estimates

1 Andersen Replacement Window: $295 Per window

5 Andersen Replacement Windows: $1,307

10 Andersen Replacement Windows: $2,400

20 Andersen Replacement Windows: $4,500

25 Andersen Replacement Windows: $5,647

How Much Do Milgard Windows Cost by Volume?

The Milgard brand has been recognized time and again as one of the best in window replacement. The company is not only known for their high quality, but also features a variety to satisfy any need from industry experts across America who regularly use this product line!

*Average Cost to Replace Milgard Windows

1 Milgard Replacement Window: $289 Per window

5 Milgard Replacement Windows: $1,456

10 Milgard Replacement Windows: $2,699

20 Milgard Replacement Windows: $5,100

25 Milgard Replacement Windows: $6,407

How Much Do Marvin Windows Cost by Volume?

The company’s legacy began in 1912 when Marin Windows was first opened as a family-owned and operated cedar/lumber business. They have continued to evolve over time by raising the bar for quality, beauty, simplicity into people’s everyday lives with an eye towards living better.

*Average Cost to Replace Marvin Windows

1 Marvin Replacement Window: $299 Per window

5 Marvin Replacement Windows: $1,636

10 Marvin Replacement Windows: $2,743

20 Marvin Replacement Windows: $5,200

25 Marvin Replacement Windows: $6,522

How Much Do Atrium Windows Cost by Volume?

Atrium Windows and Doors has been a leading North American producer of windows since 1946. We know that our success is built on the relationships we have cultivated with builders, professionals who install replacement glass products as well as homeowners all over this country for generations now – because it’s their passion too!

*Average Cost to Replace Atrium Windows

1 Atrium Replacement Window: $315 Per window

5 Atrium Replacement Windows: $1,700

10 Atrium Replacement Windows: $2,899

20 Atrium Replacement Windows: $5,307

25 Atrium Replacement Windows: $6,794

How Much Do Certainteed Windows Cost by Volume?

CertainTeed is North America’s leading brand of exterior and interior building products. Founded in 1904 as General Roofing Manufacturing Company, today they are a company known for its innovative sustainable design that has helped shape the industry for over 110 years.

*Average Cost to Replace Certainteed Windows

1 Certainteed Replacement Window: $285 Per window

5 Certainteed Replacement Windows: $1,400

10 Certainteed Replacement Windows: $2,600

20 Certainteed Replacement Windows: $5,000

25 Certainteed Replacement Windows: $6,359

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