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Pricing for Window Frame Materials

In general, homeowners have four different window materials to choose from. Vinyl, wood, fiberglass, and aluminum. In some cases, homeowners will also look at wood-clad or composite windows.

Vinyl Window Cost

The national average cost for vinyl replacement windows is $412. Depending on where you live and the brand you choose, vinyl windows will cost as little as $280 and as much as $900 each. Learn More Here

National Average Cost For Vinyl Windows by Type:

  • Awning: $675
  • Bay: $3,100
  • Casement: $980
  • Double hung: $921
  • Shaped: $1,256
  • Single hung: $1,007
  • Sliding: $899

With vinyl windows, you can have a beautiful view of your backyard from every room in the house. Vinyl window installation is usually the most affordable option for new installations and they’re easy to maintain as well! The cost will vary depending on where it’s done, but could range anywhere between $380-700 dollars with an average labor rate of around $90 per hour or more – this includes removing old panes if necessary so there aren’t any rough edges left behind after installing replacements onto frames made out of sturdy polyvinyl chloride plastic which has been proven durable because many homebuilders use them exclusively these days.

Wood Window Costs

The national average to replace wood windows in your home is $450. Replacing wood windows in your home on the low and will cost you $185, and on the high-end, as much as $2900 for a custom wood window. Additionally, installation prices will conservatively run you $120 per window.

National Average Cost For Wood Windows by Type:Window Quotes

  • Awning: $1,603
  • Bay: $5,909
  • Casement: $1,327
  • Double hung: $1,005

Wood windows have an elegance and beauty that is timeless. In fact, wood has been the window frame material of choice for centuries with it continuing to be popular today in homes seeking a historical feel or adding character into newer houses.

The way some people want to enter their home is through a nice, big wood window that lets in lots of natural light. You might also consider installing one if safety concerns don’t stop it from being done – there are many benefits. Learn More Here

Aluminum Window Cost

The national average cost for aluminum replacement windows is $506.

The cost of aluminum replacement windows can vary depending on your needs. The price ranges from $389 to as high as $1,177 per window for installation with higher quality options coming in at about 50% more expensive than regular plastic counterparts. The installation will also affect the final total figure since it varies based on which brand you choose and where local labor rates are cheapest nearby (ranging from $45 – $90 per hour). Learn More Here

Fiberglass Replacement Windows Cost

The national average cost for fiberglass replacement windows is $603.

Fiberglass replacement windows are more expensive than vinyl, but they have the same look. This means many homeowners end up with fiberglass for their homes over new aluminum or wooden frames due to its cost being comparable in price versus a selection of style compared to other materials used on houses today.

Fiberglass windows are an excellent choice if you’re looking at having some energy efficiency upgrades done while also not sacrificing any features that come standard from what’s offered by newer models available now.

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