How Much Do Double Hung Windows Cost?

If you are wondering how much do double-hung windows cost, this guide from will help answer that question.

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In general, homeowners can expect to pay between $360 – $1,200 for double-hung windows. The final cost will vary by brand, material, and the number of replacement windows you buy.

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Installing a new double-hung window is one of the most common projects for homeowners. On average, each job will cost around $475 per window based on your location and quality preferences. You may also need funds if you want better features like thicker glass or storm prevention locks which can increase installation costs by about 15%.

Double Hung Replacement Windows

Double-Hung Windows: A window with two sliders that open up or close, these are also known as double sash windows. They have one main top section and bottom part to each opening where you can see through but they’re not quite big enough for us humans because we need more room than just our faces!


  • Double-Hung Windows are a great option for those who need to install an AC or screen. The windows will allow you the easy fitting of these items because most units slide up and down instead of going from side to cranking out like other types might do so it’s safe enough with this design!
  • Two movable sashes
  • Upper and lower sash with tilting features


  • May cost more
  • Some Energy-efficient options are considered upgrades

Double- Hung Windows provide excellent ventilation, both on the top and bottom of your home or business. These windows are popular because they allow you to open them up completely for quick cooling relief when needed as well as having an added feature that helps keep energy costs down.


What is the difference between a double-hung window and a single-hung? It all comes down to how they open. A common type of front door in America has been around since ancient times, but it’s still one that retains popularity today.

Best Double Hung Window by Brand

When looking for the best double-hung windows, it’s important to consider which brand is best for you. Some companies that produce these products include Anderson Manufacturing Company Inc., Pella Corporation, Alside, and  Simonton. The prices vary depending on who makes your particular model but here is an overview of what we found in our research:

Double Hung Window Brand *Estimated Cost/Window *Estimates Installation Cost
Alside Century $213 $390
Andersen Windows $271 $367
Atrium Windows $348 $465
Jeld-Wen Vinyl Windows $198 $311
Marvin Windows $299 $471
Milgard Tuscany Windows $249 $477
Pella Replacement Windows $207 $299
PGT Aluminum Double Hung $309 $490
Window World $260 $416
Simonton Windows $188 $443

*Estimates are based on our own individual research. For specific numbers, we highly recommend requesting a quote from a window installer near you.

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Double Hung Window Standard Sizes

Double- Hung Windows are a great way to bring natural light into your house. They’re typically found inside rooms such as bedrooms and kitchens, but they can also be seen on hallways or near windows where you want more than just an ordinary window treatment for what seems like all of eternity!

double hung windows

These types come with dimensions ranging from 24 inches wide to 36 high up to 72″ tall – making them perfect whether it’s time spent nursing home duties–or simply going about everyday life.

  • Double Hung Window Width: 24″ minimum  to 48″ maximum
  • Double Hung Window Height: 36″ minimum to 72″ maximum

When comparing single-hung versus double-hung windows, the bigger size of a window can be important for your home. A standard-sized one foot by two feet or larger is best if you want natural light and ventilation in any room that has an exterior wall facing south where it’s sunny all day long! If this doesn’t work well then try using 2 x 3 frame treatments instead which give plenty enough space but also offer increased privacy from those outside looking through their own homes’ flower boxes (or whatever else may catch one’s eye).

Types of Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows come in many different materials and offer a wide range of benefits. The most affordable option is vinyl, which can quickly rot or wear out due to its lower quality construction compared with other options on the market today – they also provide less insulation support than others so you’ll have warm air escaping through your frames when cool outside!

Fiberglass Double Hung Windows: Fiberglass provides excellent weather resistance while still being strong enough for long-term use; however these types of windows may cost more upfront expense-wise if installed by professionals who know what their doing-but worth every penny spent.  Aluminum offers some pretty amazing qualities too–it’s durable as it gets.

Wooden Double Hung Windows: The most expensive of all types, wooden double-hung windows are also one that’s durable. But they contract and expand more than other options leading to performance issues over time – so you might want to consider them if affordability is key for your project budget!

The cost will vary depending on which material(s) you choose:  masonry has an added expense due to its weight; vinyl comes at little expense but can easily be replaced when damaged or dirty (though cleaning may not look perfect after sanding& painting); aluminum offers great value because it doesn’t rust much even under pressure from sunlight reflecting off various surfaces inside homes

Are Double Hung Windows Better than Triple Paned?

When you’re looking for a new home, it’s important that the windows are not only energy-efficient but also provide excellent security. The type of panes in your house can make all difference between preserving warmth during winter months or keeping cool air outside on scorching summer days – so which is better? Dual-pane glass has been around since longevity became an issue over 100 years ago with single-layered window construction; while they do protect againstoroughHz attacks (especially if properly sealed).

Tempered & Insulated Double Hung Windows

Double-hung windows come with either tempered or insulated Low E glass. The more durable type of panes are able to withstand impacts better than standard ones do, but they also keep heat in much better thanks to the trapped argon gas between their layers that reflects back any escaping warmth from entering your room.

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Double Hung Windows Promote Energy Efficiency

Double hung windows are a great choice for energy efficiency. They have four times the weather stripping compared to single glasses, which helps trap more heat in and keep cool out! Double Hung’s insulation also means that you won’t see any lost visibility from lack of airflow around your home or business because there isn’t anywhere where two panes meet along their edges—this prevents uplight through shadowing caused by an outside wall.

With their natural insulating qualities, wood windows help your home be more efficient. Single-hung windows may have a lower overall efficiency than double-hung but they still meet ENERGY STAR® guidelines with fewer moving parts that can infiltration occurs less often reducing energy loss in the process!

Double Hung Window Ventilation

The single-hung and double-hung windows provide an even amount of ventilation for your home. The biggest difference in flexibility comes with choosing between these two types, as you have more options when it comes to opening up either side’s sash depending on what type suits best – whether its top or bottom!

Double Hung Window Installation

Double hung windows can be used in new construction or replacement projects. Most window companies provide full installation details for each type, as well information about how to install them yourself so you have the opportunity to keep your home protected from wind and water damage while also saving money by doing it yourself.

Do Single-Hung Windows Cost More Than Double-Hung Windows?

Yes, in general, single-hung windows do cost more than double-hung windows. The single-hung windows are typically less expensive than their counterparts, due to the fewer moving parts. The construction of these types can be cheaper as well since wood is an often used material for frames and vinyl offers few customization options besides color choices (which tend not always match).

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