How Much Do Bay And Bow Windows Cost

How Much Do Bay And Bow Windows Cost?

In general, both windows have a national average cost of around $6540. Discover how much windows cost near you.

Bay and bow windows are a beautiful way to improve your home’s value. We look at how much it will cost you to install these stunning windows.

Are you looking to invest in new windows for your home? Adding new bay or bow windows can increase your curb appeal and make your homes more comfortable.

Yet, you may be wondering how much these home renovations will cost.

Bay and bow windows are custom made for each home, and the price can vary from house to house.

Homeowners must understand how much they cost before making their final decision.

Here is a guide into how much bow and bay windows cost and factors that affect their pricing.

What Is the Average Cost Estimate of Bay and Bow Windows?

Most homeowners spend anywhere from $1,800 to $7,000 per bay window installed, with an average cost of around $5,600. If you want aluminum construction, expect a price increase as well.

Bow windows are slightly more expensive, with an average cost of $6,540 per window installed. However, aluminum construction can also push the price up if you opt for this option instead of vinyl siding.
Aluminum is more difficult to work with because it’s more rigid than vinyl, hence the high price.

The cost of bay and bow windows varies greatly depending on the company installing them. The average price for a seamless aluminum-clad wood or vinyl replacement is about $1,800.
However, this number does not include the installation cost, which can be upwards of $400 to $600.

The price range for natural stone bay windows starts at around $11,500 but can go as high as $60,000. Unlike vinyl or aluminum-clad styles, natural stone requires the framing to be built out just for the window opening.

This adds considerable costs since the contractor must build support beams underneath your home’s lower-level flooring before installation.

Factors Affecting Bay and Bow Window Costing

There’s only so much you can do with a regular, rectangular-shaped window. Sooner or later, you’ll have to refurbish windows. One of the most popular choices nowadays is the addition of bay and bow windows.

These two types of windows offer distinct advantages over their standard counterparts. They allow the maximum spread of natural light into your home, making it look larger than its size.
Here are ten factors that can affect your bay and bow window cost:

1. Location

Where exactly are the windows going to be installed in your home? The location has a significant effect on the bay and bow windows cost.
For instance, a bay window installed in the kitchen will cost more because of the labor-intensive work required to build it.

2. Window Size

The size of the windows you want must be measured right off the bat before they can even be ordered. This information lets your builder or contractor know how much material is needed to construct your windows.
Also, since these are customized units, make sure to choose one whose design fits well with your house’s architecture.

3. Material

If a company uses less expensive, low-quality wood for the frame and sashes, it can significantly reduce your final cost. However, low-grade materials will make the windows vulnerable to damage from moisture and harsh weather.
If the company uses high-grade materials, it has to add these expenses to your last bill. If not, clients should ask why they are getting cheaper windows when other companies charge top dollar for better quality workmanship.

4. Glazing

Bay and bow windows can be outfitted with a variety of glazing materials. Some use double or triple sheets of glass, which are more expensive than single panes.
The type of material used also affects their cost because they need to match your preference and budget.
You also have to pay more for double or triple-paned window glass.

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5. Fabrication

Window fabrication is labor-intensive work. It costs more than assembling ready-made units or buying standard-sized ones from stores.
If you’re building the frame yourself, however, you can save money compared to hiring someone else to construct them for you.
The amount spent on fabricating will depend mainly on the materials used like wood or aluminum and whether they need painting.

6. Extras

The more things you add to your bay and bow windows, the costlier they become. For example, you can add an awning on the outside overhang.
If you want blinds or shades on your windows, don’t forget to factor this in when budgeting. It’ll definitely add up the cost. You can cut costs by using less expensive hardware such as hinges and locksets.

7. Consultation

Hiring a design consultant is helpful if you’re unsure what type of bay and bow windows work best for your home. This is especially if it’s your first time doing so.
A professional will help determine where these windows can be installed and how many should be included in the job. They’ll also suggest which materials would make them look good with the rest of your house’s architectural features.

8. Insurance

Natural disasters can happen anywhere in the world at any time. If you’re not ready to handle damages brought about by these disasters, get your windows insured.
This way, you can repair or replace windows in case of damage due to weather changes.

9. Maintenance

Similar to all types of windows, bay and bow windows also need regular maintenance every once in a while. Sealing or recoating should be done at least twice a year, depending on the brand used in your windows.

10. The Type of Warranty

Consider the overall length of warranty on your new or replacement bay and bow windows. The longer your warranty, the more it’ll cost your contractor to provide it.
Therefore, if you want a 10-year guarantee against defects in material and workmanship, this service will cost you more than the standard five years warranty coverage most homeowners receive.

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