Frequently Asked Questions about Replacement Windows

Frequently Asked Questions about Replacement Windows
Replacement windows can be a big investment. So it’s important to know what you’re getting into before you make a purchase.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that you may have.


Do You Install Replacement Windows From the Inside or Outside?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question, as it depends on the individual window and project.

Sometimes it is easier to install a window from the inside, while in other cases it may be simpler to do so from the outside. Ultimately, it is up to the homeowner or contractor to decide which method will work best in each individual case.

Who Makes the Best Replacement Window?

Different people may have different opinions on the best brand or type of window.

Some of the most popular replacement window brands include Andersen, Pella, and Milgard, but there are many other brands available as well. It is important to do your research before making a purchase and to find a window that will fit your specific needs.

Does a Weatherization Program Replace Windows?

Weatherization programs often include the replacement of windows, but this varies depending on the program.

It is important to check with your local weatherization program to find out if they offer window replacement and what the eligibility requirements are. For example, some programs may only replace windows in homes that meet specific energy efficiency standards.

Do Replacement Windows Come With Sills?

Replacement windows typically don’t come with a sill.

But there may be some cases where the old window frame is so deteriorated that the new window cannot be attached directly to it. In these cases, a new sill will need to be bought and installed as well.

Where to Buy Replacement Window Glass

Replacement window glass can be purchased from a variety of places, including home improvement stores, window manufacturers, and online retailers.

Some examples include:

  • Home Depot
  • Lowe’s
  • Milgard Windows
  • Andersen Windows

Compare prices and find the best deal before making a purchase.


Does Insurance Cover Window Replacement?

Window replacement is often a costly project.

Fortunately, home insurance helps pay to repair damage from such natural occurrences as severe weather, wind, and hail. This includes window replacement.

But normal wear may not be covered.

So if your windows are old and need to be replaced because they’re drafty, you’ll likely have to pay for that out of your own pocket.

“What Are Some Signs That It’s Time to Replace My Windows?”

Some signs that it may be time to replace your windows include:

  • the windows are leaking or drafts are coming in
  • they are outdated
  • the window frames are rotting or peeling
  • they are difficult to open or close
  • the glass is cracked or broken

In some cases, it may be possible to repair your windows instead of replacing them. But if the damage is extensive or the windows are very old, replacement may be your best option.

What to Expect When Replacing Windows

When replacing windows, there are a few things homeowners should expect.

First, the process can be quite time-consuming, if there are many old windows that need to be removed and new ones installed. Each replacement can take about an hour.

Second, the cost of replacement windows can be high. Homeowners should budget for several thousand dollars, depending on the number and size of windows being replaced.

Finally, there will likely be some disruption to the home while the work is being done. This includes noise from the removal and installation processes.

Also, there may be some mess created during the installation, as caulk, and other materials may be used. But the installation team should clean up any mess they create before they leave.

Should I Replace My Wood Windows with Vinyl?

Some people prefer vinyl windows because they are easier to maintain and less likely to rot or decay.

But others prefer wood windows because they look nicer and can be painted or stained to match the style of their home.

So it really comes down to personal preference when deciding whether to replace wood windows with vinyl.

Homeowners should carefully consider their needs before making a decision.

Who Replaces Window Screens?

Window screens can even be replaced by the DIY homeowner.

It is a relatively easy task that can be done with a few simple tools:

  • a screwdriver
  • a utility knife
  • scissors
  • new screen material
  • spline (the rubbery cord that holds the screen in place)

The window screens can be purchased from a variety of places, including home improvement stores, window manufacturers, and online retailers. Compare prices and find the best deal before making a purchase.

If you can’t do it on your own, you can hire a professional to replace the screens for you.

Many window companies offer this service, or you can hire a handyman. Expect to pay the national average of $70 to $200 for installation.

Who is Responsible for Replacing Windows in a Condo?

Window replacement in a condo can be a complicated task, as it can involve multiple parties and varying regulations in different locations.

The owner of the condo is typically responsible for replacing the windows, but some condos may have rules stating that the association is responsible (usually if they fall under common elements).

Homeowners should check their condo’s rules and regulations to see who is responsible for window replacement.

If there is disagreement about who is responsible, it may be necessary to consult a lawyer.

Can You Replace the Glass in a Double Pane Window?

Not really.

That’s because it’s a sealed insulated glass unit.

The only way to replace the glass is to break the seal, which can damage the window. It’s best to just leave double pane windows as is and not try to replace the glass.

Here’s what you can do if your double-pane window is damaged:

  • Clean up the glass and any debris.
  • Cover the window with tape or plastic to prevent further damage.
  • Call a window repair specialist to assess the damage and give you an estimate for a replacement.

Can You Replace Windows Without Replacing the Frame?

Windows with aluminum frames can be removed and replaced without removing the frame. This is because the frame is not structural.

The window can be removed by taking out the screws that hold it in place.

Wooden window frames, on the other hand, are structural. So they need to be removed and replaced along with the window. This is a more complicated process, as the frame needs to be cut out of the wall.

A new frame and window can then be installed in its place.

Are There Any Government Grants for Replacement Windows?

There are a few government grants available for homeowners who want to replace their windows.

The types of windows that are eligible for the grant may vary depending on the type of grant, so it’s important to check with the local government to see if you qualify.

Typically, such programs defray the cost of installing energy-efficient windows.

Some of the grants available include:

  1. The High Energy Cost Grant Program by the U.S. Department of Agriculture
  2. The Rural Energy for America Program by the U.S. Department of Agriculture
  3. The Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP)

These grants can help offset the cost of replacing windows, making it more affordable for homeowners.

Note that these programs may have income requirements and other eligibility criteria. So, not everyone will qualify for a grant.

Can I Replace a Window Myself?

Yes, you can replace a window yourself.

This applies to both wooden and aluminum frames. However, note that window replacement is a complicated process. If you’re not comfortable doing it yourself, then you should hire a professional to do it for you.

Important things you need to consider if you want to replace a window yourself include:

  • Getting the right size window.
  • Ensuring the window is level and plumb.
  • Making sure the window is properly sealed and insulated.

Can You Just Replace Window Sashes?

Window sashes (the part of the window that opens and closes) can be replaced without replacing the entire window. This is a more affordable option, especially if the window is still in good condition but the sash needs to be replaced.

There are a few things you need to consider before you decide to replace just the window sash:

  • the type of window you have
  • the condition of the frame
  • whether or not you need to replace the entire window

Generally speaking, a professional can help you determine if it’s the best option for your particular situation.

Should You Replace Windows or Siding First?

Ideally, you should replace both together.

But if you can only afford to do one or the other, then replacing the windows first is generally the better option. This is because new windows will have a bigger impact in improving the energy efficiency of your home, which can save you money on your energy bills.

Thereafter, you can replace the siding.

This will further improve the appearance of your home and provide better protection against the elements.

Keep in mind that if you’re replacing both windows and siding, you should do so in a way that compliments each other.

Are Replacement Windows Worth It?

Replacement windows are a big investment, but they can be worth it in the long run.

Not only do they improve the appearance and value of your home, but they can also help you save money on your energy bills.

The key is to choose the right windows for your home.

This means taking into consideration the climate, the style of your home, and your budget. Once you’ve done that, you can then decide if replacement windows are worth it for you.

Are New Construction Windows Better Than Replacement?

There is no definitive answer, as it depends on your specific needs and budget.

New construction windows are generally more expensive than replacement windows. But they may be a better option if your windows are in bad shape and need to be replaced anyway.

Replacement windows are a more affordable option, and they can still provide some energy savings if you choose energy-efficient windows.

Ultimately, the best option for you will depend on your particular situation.

Can You Replace a Regular Window with a Bay Window?

It’s possible to replace a regular window with a bay window, but it’s important to note that there may be some installation challenges involved.

Bay windows are larger and more complex than regular windows, so it may be more difficult to fit them into an existing space.

A few things to consider here include:

  1. Whether or not your home can support the weight of a bay window.
  2. The condition of the foundation and framing around the window.
  3. The amount of space you have to work with.

Ultimately, it’s best to consult with a professional to see if replacing a regular window with a bay window is feasible for your particular situation.

Additionally, replacing a regular window with a bay window can be expensive. So you’ll need to weigh the cost against the benefits to decide if it’s the right option for you.

Are Replacement Windows Tax Deductible?

Yes, replacement windows may be tax deductible.

Various eligibility requirements may apply. For instance, the windows must meet the requirements set by ENERGY STAR®. You may also need to keep receipts and other documentation to show that you purchased energy-efficient windows.

Before claiming any deductions, it’s always best to consult with a tax professional to see if you qualify. They can help you calculate the potential savings and make sure you’re following all the rules and regulations.

Can You Replace Casement Windows with Double Hung?

Casement windows can be (and often are) replaced with double hung varieties.

Replacing a casement window with a double-hung sash is not as complicated as it may seem.

Generally, the only thing you need to do is remove the hardware from the casements and install the new window. The good news is that you can usually do this without having to replace the entire frame.

However, make sure that the new window will fit into the existing space.

Can Aluminum Frame Windows in Cinderblock Wall Be Replaced?

Yes, it is possible to replace aluminum frame windows in cinderblock walls.

However, cinderblock walls are thicker and more rigid than traditional framed walls, so it may be more difficult to remove and fit windows into the space.

You may have to deal with rusted screws that are hard to pull out, as well as chipped or cracked cinderblock. If the windows are in bad shape, it may be easier and more cost-effective to replace the entire window frame.

Does Replacing Windows Increase the Value of Your Home?

Replacing windows can increase the value of your home – but only if you do it the right way.

When replacing windows, it’s important to choose a style and material that will complement your home. You also need to make sure that the new windows are energy-efficient and meet all of the requirements set by ENERGY STAR®.

If you do it right, replacing windows can make your home more attractive to potential buyers and help you get a higher price when you sell.

However, if you’re not careful, you could end up spending more money than you’ll ever get back in return.


Do You Need to Pull a Permit to Replace Windows?

It depends on your local municipality, but in most cases, you only need permits when making structural or material changes to a house during the install.

This means, if you’re only replacing the windows themselves and not the frames, you likely won’t need a permit.

However, it’s always best to check with your local building department to be sure. They can tell you whether or not you need a permit for your particular project.

Do Windows With Broken Seals Need to Be Replaced?

Window seals are important for keeping out the elements and ensuring that your home is energy-efficient. If they’re broken or damaged, it’s important to repair or replace them as soon as possible.

Therefore, if you’re having trouble with drafts or if your windows are letting in too much moisture, it may be time to replace them.

What is a Buck Frame Replacement Window?

A buck frame replacement window is a window frame that is designed to fit into an existing window opening.

The frame is made of one or more pieces of wood that are connected together to form a rectangular shape.

The advantage of using a buck frame replacement window is that it can be installed without having to replace the entire window frame. This can save time and money, especially if the frame is in good condition.

However, keep in mind that buck frames are not as strong as full-frame windows.

They may also be less energy-efficient because they don’t seal as tightly to the window opening.



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