How Much Do Replacement Windows Cost?

replacement windows cost

Windows are one of the most important parts of your home. They keep your home insulated while still letting in natural light. This keeps your home comfortable and lets you see easily during the day.

But like all parts of your home, you eventually need to replace your windows. What exactly does this entail? How much do replacement windows cost on average?

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Fortunately, it’s not a complicated process. However, it’s always wise to get an expert opinion before you begin.

So read on to learn the average cost to replace windows today.

Cost by Number Of Windows

One of the largest contributors to the cost of replacement windows is how many you need. This has a lot to do with material and labor costs.

To begin with, one window costs a lot more than ten windows will. Even if all of the windows are small, you’re going to pay per replaced window. The national average cost per window is currently $650.

This is because you need more materials if you need more windows. This means that the manufacturer has to create more windows to fit in your house. The more glass you need, the more this will cost.

Then the windows need installing. This is usually done by professional contractors who specialize in window installation. However, that takes time and effort.

The more windows the contractors install, the longer this will take. The longer the install takes, the more the contractors charge for labor. So one window will cost a lot less to install than a dozen of them.

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Cost of Window Material

The next thing that contributes to the cost of your window is the material. This aspect is more about the window frame than the actual glass panes.

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The most common material for window frames these days is vinyl, but you can also get wood, fiberglass, aluminum, or composite. Each of these has its own average cost.

Vinyl, for example, is one of the most popular because it costs the least. You can get these windows for as little as $100 or as high as $900 per window.

Meanwhile, windows with wooden frames might be required if you live in a historic district. These windows cost an average of between $150 to $1300 per window. In some cases, you may even end up paying more than that.

Fiberglass windows are generally sturdier than vinyl and offer the same level of insulation. These windows will generally cost between $500 and $1,500 per window.

Aluminum windows are also one of the lower-cost materials for windows. However, they don’t generally offer as much insulation. These cost between $75 and $400 per window.

Finally, composite window frames are made of a combination of materials such as wood and PVC polymers. They’re known for being maintenance-free windows and are the most durable of the options. These cost between $300 and $1,200 per window.

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Cost by Type Of Windows

The next thing you need to think about is the type of window you need. Whether you’re getting a picture window or a bay window, each type is going to have its own average cost. This has a lot to do with the complexity of the window and how it functions.

A picture window, for example, is fairly simple. These windows are just a basic rectangle that doesn’t move. These windows cost between $300 to $800 each on average.

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A single-hung window has a top and a bottom. The top doesn’t move at all while the bottom can be raised or lowered. These windows generally cost between $100 and $400 each.

Similarly, a sliding window generally only has two parts: one that’s stationary and another that slides horizontally. These usually cost somewhere between $200 to $2,000 each.

Skylights are also becoming more popular. These sit in your ceiling and vary on whether they open or close at all. These windows cost between $900 to $2,400.

All of these prices generally include labor costs.

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Cost by Size Of The Window

The next thing you need to think about is the size of the window. This is also a major contributor to the average cost to replace windows.

Firstly, this determines how much material is needed to make your windows. The larger your windows are, the more they cost.

Larger windows are also much more difficult to install. They’re heavier and not as easy to carry. This means that it takes more time for the contractors to install larger windows.

In other words, if all of your windows are smaller, then they won’t cost as much per window to replace. A house with larger windows is going to cost a lot more.

Again, the average cost per replacement window in the United States is $650. However, the average range is between $200 and $1,800 per window.

So a smaller window is going to be much closer to the $200 end of that scale. Larger windows are going to be closer to the $1,800 end.

Furthermore, most windows these days come in standard sizes. Meaning that if you have an older house that needs custom windows made, then this is going to add to your costs.

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Location Of The Window

The location of the window replacement will also affect how much your window replacement costs. The more difficult the window is to access, the more the replacement will cost.

The contractors will first have to remove your old windows and then replace them with new ones. This gets harder to do when the location is hard to reach.

A first-story window, for example, is much easier to reach than a second-story window. This means that the first-story window is going to cost much less than the second-story window. You’ll be paying closer to that $200 mark for the first-story window while the second-story window might cost closer to $1,800.

This is also why skylights cost so much more than almost any other window on the market. Your contractors have to take the window up to the roof of your house and install it from up there rather than from the ground like they would for a first-story window.

So if you live in a ranch home, then you’ll be paying less to have all of your windows replaced than your neighbor with a two-story house.

Full-frame Or Retrofit

There are two major types of windows. The first, full-frame windows, include the entire frame of the window. The other can almost be described as a window glass replacement.

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In other words, one kind attaches to the window frame while the other attaches to the studs of the home. For this reason, full-framed windows are generally only used in new construction. Retrofit, or replacement windows, should go in existing homes.

The reason for this is that the frame itself doesn’t experience as much wear and tear as the window itself. If you replace the entire frame, then the old one will also need to come out of the house too. This means you’re adding more to your labor and materials costs for your project.

That makes retrofit windows about ten to fifteen percent cheaper than full-frame windows. Therefore, unless there is serious damage to your current window frames, you don’t actually need full-framed windows. All you need is to replace the window itself, so retrofit is your best option.

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Age Of The Home

Finally, the last thing that affects the cost of your window replacement is the age of your house. If your house is seventy years or older, then window manufacturers and installers might run into some interesting issues.

The main one that you should be concerned about is unusual window sizes. Standardized sizes for windows are a much more recent development, so older houses are more likely to have windows with unusual sizes.

Unfortunately, this also means that these windows need to be custom-made when it’s time to replace them. This is completely possible to do, but it is a lot more expensive.

Standardized window sizes allow for easier mass production. This means that the windows are already made and ready for purchase when people need new windows. It also means that they’re easy to replace when it’s time to do that.

Because of this, manufacturers can mass-produce these standard-sized windows. That makes them cheaper to make and sell without compromising the quality.

You can’t mass produce custom-made windows because only one house will use them. This means a manufacturer needs to make them special for your home. While this gives your home a unique feature, it also means that you’ll pay a lot more for your windows.

How Much Do Replacement Windows Cost?

So how much do replacement windows cost? The average cost to replace windows is $650 with the lowest end of the scale being $200 and $1,800 at the high end.

The good news is that there’s a great place to get a reliable quote for replacing your windows. All you need to do is answer a few questions here at 3 Windows Estimates. We have a massive database of window companies across the country that are willing to help you today.

So if you think it’s time to get new windows, get a quote today to get started.

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